Field Postcode is : PE14 8DJ

Don’t forget. Before you decide to go flying, it’s a good idea to check the weather forecast! 

Expensive models, electrics and fuel do not mix with water! 

Model engines can become erratic, depending on the climate!

Too much wind and you may say goodbye to your favourite model! 

(Name & contact address should always be included in the model to help the finder return the model to you!)

Weather Check with Metcheck

BBC Weather Forecast for Station Meadow

XC Weather – Wind Forecast for Station Meadow

Plenty of sunshine and you will need to pack your shades and sun block!

Have you sufficient time to get that flight organised before dusk?

What time of the day can you expect optimum weather?

For predictions on wind, sun & rain conditions try alternative web sites to help you decide.

Professional forecasts may save the day!

Here are just a few of the many sites that offer weather forecasts to help you enjoy your flying. 

Over a period of time you will find which of these sites you can trust to be reasonably accurate!

Happy Flying and Good Luck with the Weather!