Welcome to the website of King’s Lynn Aero Modelling Club.

King’s Lynn Aero Modelling Club (KLAMC) have now moved to Station Meadow Flying Field, Station Road, Emneth. The move to the new site resulted from our lease on Roydon Flying Field being terminated due to the new landlords requiring the area for their own use.

Station Meadow Flying Field is being developed with a view to providing members with a site that offers safe and enjoyable flying.


Keen aero modellers had been flying off Roydon Common since the early 1900’s at the dawn of flight. Our senior members can remember meeting on a Saturday morning on what is now NWT Roydon Common and flying a variety of models amongst the soggy pastures, prickly gorse and the colourful heather that dominates to-day!

The Club first rented  Roydon Flying Field (the old rifle butts) from the tenant farmer in1983. We enjoyed over 40 years of wonderful flying from this enchanting landscape! The site required a complete levelling, clearing of stones and solid obstructions that would have hindered a smooth take-off and landing. Rabbits were discouraged & excluded by the erection of rabbit fencing. However, subsequent to the land being purchased by Norfolk Wildlife Trust to add to it’s Roydon Common reserve, we received an eviction notice to vacate this site.

We said a  sad farewell to our Flying Field at Roydon in April 2017.

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Join us in 2018!

Joining a Club dedicated to your Hobby is an essential part of the Sport of Flying Models.  King’s Lynn Aero Modelling Club. offers members the opportunity to fly their models in a safe and controlled area in harmony with the local community. Of course there are Club rules that have to be observed and those of the Civil Aviation Authority. All King’s Lynn Aero Modelling Club flyers must belong to the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) to which King’s Lynn Aero Modelling Club Ltd. is affiliated. There is no doubt that historically speaking, without the BMFA (and remember the BMFA is it’s members) model flying as we enjoy it today would not exist, or at the very least would be a very different and restricted sport indeed. It goes without saying that the Insurance package enjoyed by all BMFA members is second to none.

Members of KLAMC also benefit from:

A beautifully maintained grass flying field suitable to fly Fixed Wing Aircraft and Helicopters.

Starting tables provided for safety and ease of handling IC powered models.

Being able to fly Electric and IC models.

Club hut and Portaloo are available on site.

A Car Parking area.

Flying and enjoying Norfolk’s wide blue skies.

Fly with excellent visibility all day!  No problems with Sun in your eyes from dawn to dusk!