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A Brief History of the King’s Lynn Aero Modelling Club.

King’s Lynn Aero Modelling Club (KLAMC) was formed in 1983 and flew from a site at Roydon Common. Subsequent to a new landlord (Norfolk Wildlife Trust) requiring the land from which we flew for their own use as from April 2017 we needed to find a new site, eventually securing  the use of part of a field on Station Road, Emneth. Subsequently the site and facilities have been constantly improved to make Station Meadow one of the best flying sites in the area.

A Club for all levels of skill.

KLAMC is able to cater for the needs of all skill levels.  The membership ranges from absolute beginner to seasoned scale modellers and competition flyers. With a really friendly, knowledgeable & helpful membership, KLAMC is able to offer the opportunity to fly and enjoy your hobby in a safe and responsible manner.  

Club members must also join the  British Model Flying Association. The BMFA is the body delegated by the Royal Aero Club to be responsible for all aspects of model flying in Great Britain. The BMFA is also recognised by, and works with, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The BMFA has around 820 clubs affiliated to it, with a combined membership from clubs and individual members of over 36,000. Membership brings many benefits, including 3rd party liability insurance of up to £25 million. This is of course essential for anyone flying radio controlled model aircraft.

For more information on the BMFA – Click on the British Model Flying Association immediately below!              

 British Model Flying Association  

Frequently Asked Questions ? 

Q: Do I need to be a member of KLAMC to fly at Station Meadow Flying Field?                                                  

A: Yes, the flying field is open to members only and you will also need to join the British Model Flying Association. (Click on link above) You can also check BMFA membership fees here. Membership of the BMFA can also be arranged through the club.

If you are a current BMFA member and belong to another BMFA affiliated club then it is possible to fly at the Field. But first, contact King’s Lynn Aero Model Club and  make an enquiry using the link at the bottom of this page.

Q: When can I fly?
A: You can fly any day of the week – weather permitting – from 9am to 6pm (10am to 6pm on Sundays), “quiet” electric models can be flown outside these times subject to the conditions in the clubs Field Safety Rules. Consideration must always be given to respecting the requirements of the landlord and to neighbours. (Please be aware that the access track may be unsuitable for vehicles during the winter months and after heavy rain. The entrance will normally be coned off at these times).  You will require a BMFA  ‘A’ or ‘BPC’ Certificate as appropriate,  before flying unsupervised. If you are a beginner you will need an instructor with a minimum ‘A’ Certificate who is also registered as a club instructor. Never fly alone! All juniors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian in accordance with the clubs  Child Protection Policy.

Q: Are there any silly rules and regulations?

A: Yes, there are rules and regulations – mainly to protect yourself and others from very dangerous flying missiles! No, there are no silly rules!
(Copies of the Club Field Safety rules are provided to all members. Alternatively contact the club Secretary for a copy).

Q: Is there any training given?

A: Yes, training is offered free of charge for fixed wing aircraft models. Trainees are encouraged to contact the club instructors in order that tuition can be arranged at mutually convenient times. Tuition is not offered for helicopter training but there are members that fly helicopters willing to help trainees.

Q: Are there any organised events?

A: Besides basic training for the BMFA certificate, the club organises Fly-in days, a Model of the Year Competition, trips to National Radio Control Aero Model Events & other places of interest.

Q: How can I join? 

A: If you are interested, try to attend the Station Meadow field on a calm fine day. Weekends are the best, especially in good weather.  If any members are present, talk to them and ask what it’s all about. If you are still keen then request an application form using the ‘Contact Us’ page, complete your details and e-mail. We will then send you an application form.

Q: Is it an expensive hobby?

A: Yes, when starting out you will require a basic trainer aircraft, radio control equipment, starting equipment and fuel / batteries etc. Joining a club and the BMFA is also essential. Club members will be able to give advice to help minimize these costs.

Short introductory lessons can sometimes be arranged using the clubs trainer aircraft and a dual control “Buddy Box” radio.

Q: How much does it cost to join King’s Lynn Aero Modelling Club?

A:  Subscriptions are due on the 1st January each year.  

Adults – Annual Membership 2024: £60.00 p.a.   

Juniors (Under 16 years of age on 1st January) – £5.00 p.a. Annual Membership. 

Only half the annual membership fees are payable by anyone becoming a member for the first time after the 1st July in any year.

Plus Membership of the BMFA. (£47.00 p.a. as at January 2024).

CAA registration ( £10.33 p.a. as of Jan 2024) is also required if you fly any model over 250 g.

Q: Can I have a sneek preview of the BMFA Members Handbook and check out exactly what is involved if I want to fly a radio controlled model aircraft?

A: Yes, if you follow this link. Click on the logo and you will be able to download certain publications FREE!  ‘The Members Handbook’ is essential. 

There are many other handbooks available for download at https://bmfa.org/

Q: How do I go about joining?

A: Start by requesting an application form using the Contact below. When completed, send it to the Membership Secretary at the address shown on the form. 

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Contact :-  King’s Lynn Aero Modelling Club